Commit 1d54ad8a authored by Juergen Nickelsen's avatar Juergen Nickelsen
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removed the 031-chars tests, as we don't have chars

parent c2201d68
(testcmp "chars 0" '(read "?@") ?@)
(testcmp "chars 1" '(read "?\\100") ?@)
(testcmp "chars 2" '(read "?\\b01000000") ?@)
(testcmp "chars 3" '(read "?\\x40") ?@)
(testcmp "chars 4" '(read "?\\u40") ?@)
(testcmp "chars 5" '(read "?\\u040") ?@)
(testcmp "chars 6" '(read "?\\U40") ?@)
(testcmp "chars 7" '(read "?\\U0040") ?@)
(testcmp "chars 8" '(read "?\\U00000040") ?@)
(testcmp "chars 10" '(read "?\\n") ?\n)
(testcmp "chars 11" '(read "?\\t") ?\t)
(testcmp "chars 12" '(read "?\\f") ?\f)
(testcmp "chars 13" '(read "?\\a") ?\a)
(testcmp "chars 14" '(read "?\\r") ?\r)
(testcmp "chars 15" '(read "?\\Space") ?\x20)
(testcmp "chars 16" '(read "?\\Newline") ?\x0a)
(testcmp "chars 17" '(read "?\\Tab") ?\x09)
(testcmp "chars 18" '(read "?\\Page") ?\x0c)
(testcmp "chars 19" '(read "?\\Rubout") ?\x7f)
(testcmp "chars 20" '(read "?\\Linefeed") ?\x0a)
(testcmp "chars 21" '(read "?\\Return") ?\x0d)
(testcmp "chars 22" '(read "?\\Backspace") ?\x08)
(testcmp "chars 23" '(read "?\\Bell") ?\x07)
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