Commit 4510428b authored by Juergen Nickelsen's avatar Juergen Nickelsen

TODO update

parent 1f85867d
......@@ -2,18 +2,12 @@
*: to do; @: in progress; #: blocked; +: done; -: rejected
* read
* change debug to (format, args, ...) style
* comment out debug calls (they do cost...)
* Bperl (perl "\%Sexp::symbols" 'dump)
* Brandom
* read: does not recognize missong close paren on EOF
* idea: have a stack for bound symbols, saved values, and number
of saved bindings each, to be accessed by something like a
(local-bindings n) function, with n being the number of levels
......@@ -21,9 +15,15 @@
(lambda, let, etc.) this could give us a *nice* stack trace.
@ start/end args for dolist/doseq?
@ fix existing regtests; 028
+ read
+ start/end args for dolist?
+ Brandom
@ fix regtests; 025
+ read: does not recognize missing close paren on EOF
+ better argument checking (number, types) for Builtins (instead
of is_def() et al.)
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