Commit b32382fb authored by Juergen Nickelsen's avatar Juergen Nickelsen

elements function no longer supported

parent 6f45d775
(testcmp "elements l 0" '(elements ()) nil)
(testcmp "elements l 1" '(elements '(123)) '(123))
(testcmp "elements l n" '(elements '(123 456 789)) '(123 456 789))
(testcmp "elements s 0" '(elements "") nil)
(testcmp "elements s 1" '(elements "d") '(?d))
(testcmp "elements s n" '(elements "Da geht die Sau durch den Knick!")
'(?D ?a ?\Space ?g ?e ?h ?t ?\Space ?d ?i ?e ?\Space ?S ?a ?u
?\Space ?d ?u ?r ?c ?h ?\Space ?d ?e ?n ?\Space ?K ?n ?i ?c ?k ?!))
(testcmp "elements s u" '(elements "Ärgörnüß") '(?Ä ?r ?g ?ö ?r ?n ?ü ?ß))
(testcmp "elements v 0" '(elements []) nil)
(testcmp "elements v 1" '(elements [123]) '(123))
(testcmp "elements v n" '(elements [123 456 789]) '(123 456 789))
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